"I wanted to thank you for being the highlight of our retreat. My expectations were surpassed.  I've also received phone calls, emails, texts and have been taken aside from nearly everyone in that room saying how much they enjoyed yesterday and how much they learned about themselves and others.  You truly are an example of someone that is doing what they were meant to do. " -Tracey Molina, Iowa City Association of Realtors

"Megan, thank you for being part of our Fall Conference BLAZE – you were wonderful.  Exactly the content and style of speaker we needed and you delivered. Gentelligence  – treating generational differences as a form of diversity is brilliant in its simplicity yet it takes a complex behavior shift.  I could tell we were only scratching the surface of your workshop, research and expertise. Personally, I loved your confident delivery and flow with the audience – you have special presentation skills that I can only hope to develop someday." -Rob Danna, Senior VP, The Resource Group

“Megan has been a ‘core speaker’ for our Cooperative Leadership Programs on Leadership and Managing Multiple Generations.  She consistently gives us outstanding presentations that are relevant to our conference attendees and on-point material that each conference attendee takes home to use everyday.  Megan has also been instrumental in helping to design leadership and management material for my curriculum.  We at the Mid America Cooperative Council are blessed to have such a talent as a speaker and advisor.” --Rod Kelsey, Mid-American Cooperative Council

"Thank you so much for a fantastic Strengths workshop earlier today.  The class was fully engaged the entire time, and your mastery of the topic was obvious.   You patiently, and thoughtfully, addressed questions, and remained on-track throughout the session." -Michael Katz, Nonprofit Leadership Institute of Greater Cincinnati

"This workshop really exceeded our expectations.  Megan is knowledgeable, organized and prepared (she had all our strengths mapped prior to the workshop).  She is also a great speaker with a wonderful sense of humor.  Since the workshop we have had many informal conversations about our talents, and we plan to use the strengths grid as an organization when we think about teams for various initiatives." -Pam Mayberry, Director of Academic Program Support

“The workshop Megan did for our staff gave us a great appreciation for what each person brings to our team in addition to some great insights into our colleagues' ways of viewing the world around them. The staff has been using their new vocabulary in the week since our workshop, showing me that it made a deep impact on them. The emphasis on developing our strengths instead of beating ourselves up about our weaknesses is something that will resonate for us as we work with our students.” -Nancy Hawthorne, School Administrator, McGuffey Montessori School

"What a great seminar. The insights shared were immensely helpful. The anecdote about the woman who was ready to remove a person from her team because she had very different strengths was eye opening. My takeaway: Where there is tension there may be just a misunderstanding of strengths." -- Strengths Workshop Participant (anonymous feedback)

"I thought the workshop was insightful and helpful in better understanding how to interact with others in the workplace. It's interesting to see that I have many friends who have a lot of "tools" I do not possess in my "toolbox." It's interesting to see how our talents and strengths are unique! I had an "ah ha" moment when my #1 strength was positivity! This is so true and I'm told this by most of my friends and family members. I also found it interesting to see how others reacted to my top 5 strengths!! It was a fun, interactive workshop! :) Thanks for all your efforts to help others become true leaders!" -Strengths Workshop Participant (Anonymous Feedback)

“The strengths coaching sessions provided me with personal clarity and insight. It was a meaningful discovery process -- reflecting on my personal strengths and  my experiences through Dr. Gerhardt’s guidance. I was energized after each session because I was uncovering my true purpose as both an individual and a professional.” -Tory Paez., Consultant (Coaching Client)

"Megan is engaging, inspiring and it has been an absolute privilege to work with her on my professional development journey. Her insights and strategies have helped me become more successful as well as energized me and improved my confidence.  I can’t thank her enough!"--Kathryn Croninger, Lead Digital Product Manager (Coaching Client)



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